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Malayala Brahmana Samajam is an organization found for the welfare and prosperity of Brahmana community.What is meant by the name Malayala Brahmana.?The Brahmins with names like Somayajippad,Nampoothiripadu, Adithiri,Ilayathu, BhatathiriSharma, Namyathiri , Moossathu are generally referred as Malayala Brahmana.They are all from the same root , even though they are known by different names at different location in kerala.Nampoothiri is the common term used to denote a person belonging to any of the above category.This was agreed by the great writer Kanippayyoor sankaran napoothirippad and BhaskaranUnni.

The mission of this organization is to bring the people in different sub groups together and work for the benefits of the same.MBS is the one and only one organization for the community of Malayala Brahmins. As per the bylaw we are giving member ship only to malayala Brahmins. This organization has played a vital role in the renunciation of kerala society for the past 75 years especially in Brahmana community . Samajam has already supported the concept of opening temple for all the people for worshipping even before publishing the Kshethra pravesana vilamaram. From this information itself we can understand that this organization is not only concentrating on benefits for Brahmana community but also for the entire society.

The meeting held at Kurichithanam on 25/09/111 and in all the meetings thereafter MBS has put forward the same resolution .Thus MBS was one of the organization which was in the front to demolish the bad customs like Thottukoodayama etc which were very strong in the socity at that time . At that time ie( at the time of regency ) many of the organizations were with them eventhough their vision and mission were not for the good of society.But even at that time also the ancestors of MBS had the courage to present the same concept in front of our beloved king.

Samajam could accept the progressive changes in the field of education also .In those days womens were not given any freedom . But the meeting held on 30/01/1112 put forward the concept of giving enough education for the women and to give them considerable representation in samajam .Samajm had already decided to reserve some posts for women also.

On those days the people were against teaching English to Brahmins.But samajam understood the importance of learning English and they put forward the necessity to give free English education to Brahmins in Travancore , in the meeting held at Anickadu on 28/09/1114.

Eventhough racial discrimination were present at that time MBS stood still for the integration of the whole Hindu family. The meeting held at Manarkatu on 10/01/1116 suggested that one of our representative should be there always in Travancore Hindu Federation and they nominated a permanent representative .

The MBS meeting held in Meenachil on 15/01/1113 was announced as gathering of the whole hindu family and celebrated the same in the presence of Sri Agamananda Swamikal.

Now a days the same is celebrated every year by the name Meenachil Hindu Sammelanam.But most of the people don’t know that the concepts of this great union came from Malayala Brahmana Samajam.

The founder and leader of MBS was Brahmasri. P D Parameswaran Nampoothiri.He was the first General Secretary also. The headquarters of the MBS was in Kottayam.The first president was Brahmasri Narayanan Ilayathu,NagamangalathuIllam,Amabalapuzha

In good olden days the main activities were based in Alappuzha, Koothattukulam,Cherthala, Vykam are also the main places were Samajam had considerable activities .The main building was renovated at the time when Sri PD Parameswaran Nampoothri was the President and Aymanam Rajan was the Secretary.The same time published a book “Nithyakarmavum Poojavidhiyum (By Mevada V N Nampoothiri and Kosappilli Sreedharan Ilayathu)” which was an inevitable book for Brahmins.

In 1968 Samajam published a Magazine by name Kerala Rangam.

By 1999 Samajam registered as anOrganization under Charitable Society Act.

2003 onwards Samajam was conducting Study classes for Puja every year in April.


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